About Us

MoArt is a creative partnership between several companies or individuals who have a real passion for home refurbishment and commercial furniture projects. Moart has 3 brands that have been successfully produced and developed under the brand names DAPOEREA, REKAI and RUANG MANDI, of the three brands already have a franchise located in Yogyakarta under the name Gaga Furniture which sells all product brands from Moart. The three brands have their respective teams in charge of them. The Dapoerea brand with a team that has specifications to develop innovative kitchen cabinet products by relying on the basic material of selected solid wood as a solution for the local market who is looking for kitchen cabinet furniture. Brand Rekai with a team in charge of interior and furniture design that provides consulting services, custom furniture and interior design contractors. Ruang Mandi Brand with a team that has focused on developing innovations from bathroom products such as Basin, Bath Tub and other Bathroom Cabinets as a solution in presenting durable quality products. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to every detail, and our goal is to fully meet the requirements of our clients no matter how big or small the project.


Simple because of our experience and know-how. You can present us with the concept of your project ideas, whether that be for a single dining setting or a complete resort project, and also you can customize your preferred design in any form you like. That may mean a photo, a sketch or a set of fully detailed technical drawings. During this process all the exact dimensions, joinery and construction, and pricing will occur. We will then present you with the drawings, fully rendered in photo-realistic colour if necessary, the price and the production timeframe for your approval and decisions as to how to proceed. In the commercial sector, we have previously worked on projects for such high-profile clients World Wide Using this experience we are certain we can take on your project, whatever it may be, and fulfil your expectations. Complete and professional furniture services no matter what your requirements.



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